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Adsolut’s Safe Inventory Manifesto

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Posted By Sonal Daphale

As advertising technology evolves, so does the need for advertisers to increase their focus on brand safety. Advertisers want to be assured that their advertisements and campaigns are seen by their audience in brand safe environment. They always want to avoid fraudulent non-human traffic when it comes to digital advertising.

Our goal at Adsolut Media is to ensure we deliver total safe inventory to our advertisers which will help them to reach their audience. Our team along with tools work rigorously to deliver utmost performance to our partners.

We use FORENSIQ and FRAUDLOGIX to keep our inventory free from bots and fraudulent non human traffic. Both these tools use ad fraud detection methods and identify malicious activity that allows us to eliminate bad traffic which helps us to optimise the digital spend towards higher quality traffic.

Thus relationship with Adsolut will always be transparent, benefiting and safe!

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