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Case Study : Pagal Panti Movie Trailer Campaign

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Posted By Sonal Daphale

Content awareness is the core factor for the media industry, especially for the movies. The most popular & trusted channels for achieving video marketing KPI’s have been YouTube & Facebook.
Most of the advertisers are spending their marketing budgets over these platforms, which is also the most ideal approach.

However having different channels to explore new audience buckets is a major challenge for advertisers. Not having much channels to explore the advertisers have a hard time to source new audience buckets. Even if advertisers are willing to open up their budget on platforms like Youtube and Facebook, the budget for the campaign pushes the marketing budgets way further than expected.

Playstream is one of the very few platforms and an alternative channel that is able to fill the gap between the advertisers and new and unexplored audience buckets. Playstream is available across 150+ Website and apps India and International generating over 50 million traffic per day.

Here is how we were able to help Pagal Panti to reach out to new audience buckets:

Campaign Goal: Reach one million video views in a day
Target Audience: NRI’s

The best way to achieve the goal was by targeting abroad audience on Indian publishers. NRI’s are heavily active on news and sports inventory and with the help of regional and time zone targeting we were able to burn the entire campaign at ease.

Targeting NRI audience on sites like:

Playstream has yet not reached its maximum potential and so we are awaiting for a campaign that truly utilises Playstream to its maximum potential.

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