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Get Noticed, Get Traffic, Get Conversions.

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As the world of advertising becomes more and more competitive, the need for the brand to get attention gets crucial. The ultimate goal remains the same : It must attract attention and persuade the audience to take action. But to persuade people to do something, you still need to grab their attention, get them interested in your product or service and then induce them to take action , such as buying your product or visiting your website.

All this can be delivered to you by Adsolut and Playstream which can be depicted by the picture below which shows a conversion funnel including 4 steps :

1. To get Noticed : Adsolut helps to get relevant audience to know about your brand and service by displaying your ads on targeted inventory.

2. Getting traffic : Once the brand’s message reaches to relevant audience they are directed towards advertiser’s website resulting in higher volume of traffic.

3. Conversion : Getting users to the correct landing page on which there are multiple call to action buttons placed can get good amount of conversions.

4. Retargeting : Even though an advertiser must have received decent amount of conversions, there must still be a way to increase the same. Adsolut’s retargeting solution helps advertisers to retarget lost visitors and leads and convert the click to conversion user-cycle.

Thus, with high quality inventory and suitable profile targeting Adsolut and Playstream can help in achieving your goals and increase in your customer base no matter in which stage you are !

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