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Playstream is a venture by Adsolut to dive into the ever growing video consumption across India on all screens. It is a high scale video marketing platform present across 100+ websites. It has delivered over 1 million views during our campaigns. Video marketing has always resulted in more engagement rate as it attracts more audience because of entertainment and more informative.

Below are types of Playstream formats :

In Read (Outstream): A video ad that plays on-page and full-width after a user has read or scrolled to a certain point down the page. Even if the publisher of that page doesn’t have video content of their own, your video plays within the content they’ve published. As it typically blends on-page with content you are already actively reading, you don’t immediately realise that the video that loads between 2 paragraphs isn’t associated with the content you are engaged with.

In Stream : In-stream ads offer endless opportunities with pre-roll video ad format, mid-roll, and post-roll videos. These video ads appear before, in the middle of after the video. The mid or post-roll linear video ad formats are easily memorized while post-roll video is less intrusive.

In-banner : videos built inside the banners. In-banner video ads can be of the following sizes: 300×250, 160×600 or 728×90 . In-banner ad is that it doesn’t interrupt the user’s online experience. Instead, they rather appear subtly on the sidebar or on the top of search results

Side/ Floater : These are ads that appear when you first go to a Web page, and they “float” or “fly” over the page for anywhere from five to 30 seconds. Floating ads grab the viewer’s attention and tend to be more interesting to view than other formats.The most basic floating ads simply appear over the Web page, either full screen or in a smaller rectangular window

Playstream can truly give great engagement and views on your video campaigns. We have delivered high scale marketing campaigns through Playstream. If you have any video campaigns definitely try Playstream for Millions of views and engagement.

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