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Ways to limit Covid-19 impact on your Ad Tech business

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Posted By Sonal Daphale

With this Global Pandemic, major countries of the world are ordered to stay home. Due to which, the Content Consumption on the Internet has taken a leap. However, this is not serving to the written fact that more audience = more revenues strategy.

We, at Adsolut Media, are monitoring the ad spends across Video and In-app to understand the areas where we as an industry need to unlearn and then learn the new normal. Here are some suggestions which we believe might help:

  1. Publishers are now more open for new Business than ever!
    • Publishers are looking out for Building new Relations and strengthening existing ones by enabling all Inventory Resources. Looking at new areas of monetization with a flexible approach is necessary for the new normal
    • Enabling New Demand Sources, trying a new programmatic mix, etc with testing of new ad formats can lead to better results
  2. Trying out new strategies and revising the Price Points
    • Ensuring more viewability for your advertisers and removing spots with lesser CTR’s can help in jumping CPM per spot. DSP’s & advertisers look at high CTR spots for Banners and Completion Rates during Video Spends. With Viewability, both these factors can be addressed thus leading to a better CPM
    • Revising the Unified Pricing Rule might help for the overall property
    • Revisit Blocked Ad Categories and DSP’s, there might be a handful of partners wanting to taste your ad inventory
  3. Make the most of Open Auction: Some of the biggest Publishers across the world have seen close to a 40% drop in their Direct ad sales. Saying this, there has been an Inventory rise in regards to the Publisher Count and Impressions-Trying Open Auction on your Inventory with trusted partners should help in getting ROI of the Inventory Scale that the situation has built
  4. Enabling First party data along with Premium Content for Direct Advertisers & PMP Deals
    • All SSP’s suggest Publishers to educate their PMP advertisers as much as they can by giving Inventory & audience cohorts for them to have more trust and transparency as to what the returns can be. Try setting up Packages on your SSP accounts separately like Stocks, Mutual Funds, General Finance, Investments, Homepage and similarly with Audience Cohorts like E-Comm Users, OTT Centric, Xiaomi or Samsung Users, iOS targeting, etc
    • If not advertisers, there are DSP’s always looking out for such Packages where the Publishers are able to sell specific part of the Inventory which their advertisers really need. This could be a good practice for Programmatic team to put out their Packages to their top Buying DSP’s
  5. Creation of New techniques for Direct Sales-Quality along with detailing is the KEY
    • Trying out with new marketing material like During Covid Media Deck with User Time on Site, Bounce Rates, etc and Post Covid Media Deck. Inventory Rates according to keywords or Categories like Automotive, Health, Finance
    • Enabling CPC Campaigns for High CTR Inventory. Usually, this can help in convincing new clients
  6. SSP’s looking out for Insuring Credit Lines with DSP’sOpenX Case Study Here which has already insured 87% of its DSP’s. Not to forget- Publishers should always do a credit check upon the SSP & Ad Networks & DSP’s in this time

For Advertisers:

  1. Make the most of Inventory Hike : No comments for advertisers who have stopped marketing spends during this situation. Can be due to multiple factors like Drop in Sales OR Supply-Chain Management, etc. Advertisers from the OTT, Education, Software,Subscription & Gaming category are trying to make the most of this situation by enabling Omni-Channel approach and get more users
  2. Less Spends Vs. Higher ROI(For Certain Industries)
    • We, as a DSP have seen advertisers in India making the most of the inventory available by spending by buying more volumes and thus doing high User Acquisition in lesser Cost Per Conversion
    • Using Adsolut as a top funnel for their Lead Gen Campaigns can also result in targeting more audience in their Social media campaigns
    • We have seen campaigns resulting to  Higher Video Completion Rates as much as 82% on top Publisher Partners

With this, our Account Managers are available and can be directly reached out to do a Campaign or an Inventory check and help our associates to flatten the adtech curve. Do reach out to us and we could discuss Business in length. We all are in this together and we at Adsolut feel that Adtech industry will rise up from this situation. Stay Safe. Stay Indoors.

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