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Playstream now supports AMP pages

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For all publishers eyeing for more ad revenues or a better structure of Yield, Playstream from Adsolut Media is now able to serve:

  1. AMP Monetization 
  2. Programmatic Demand from top exchanges and DSP’s
  3. Customised Video Player with Your Website Name, Your Content to give it an ultimate in-house feel without bearing any streaming costs
Capabilities of Playstream player
Custom Logo
Enhance your brand presence by personalizing your player with a logo or symbol.
Fonts & Color
Customize the fonts and colors of the player, keeping it not only on-brand but also seamless for your readers.
Select the player’s behavior to enhance your user experience – choose from autoplay, scroll to play, or click to play.
Sound On/Off
Choose if your player’s sound should start automatically upon page load or when readers click to engage with your content.
Ads Scheduling
Control the monetization opportunities of your player by choosing ad slots and frequency.
Responsive Design
Automatically adapt the Height & Width of your Desktop & Mobile space.
HLS Adaptive Bitrate
HLS(HTTP Live Streaming) is compatible with a wide range of devices and firewalls its client’s bandwidth capacity and adjusts the quality of the video stream between multiple bitrates and/or resolutions.
PlayBack Mode
Increases the re-engagement for the users to play back the content again which users like.
Formats & Layouts
Our player is compatible for In-Stream(VOD Format) & Outstream(In-Read Article, Floater, In-Banner Video)
Custom Branding
With dynamic features in the player it enables the user to do the customization using our UI.
Playstream Exchange Demand
With Direct + Programmatic demand increase the ad opportunities enabling the maximum viewbality for our advertisers.
VAST / VPAID Support
Player support all versions of VAST and VPAID with a complete XML schema.
Web, Cross Device
Player support all the browser versions and easily render in tablet and other cross device platforms.
Our player inherits AMP components to make it compatible with AMP pages.
All Operating Systems
Player design & configuration makes it compatible for all OS systems.
Live Streaming
Quickly and easily stream live events with Live Channels.
Live Dashboard
Fetching up data from exchanges using API for Real-Time reporting.
Content & Ad Based Reporting
Captures the event for content creators to give them insights about views, clicks & quartile for each content run on playstream.
5x Smaller Script Size
Enabling all the compression techniques (Brotli, Minify, Uglify, Caching) renders the video player at a lightning speed.
Mute Watermark
Understanding the core of Video Player & UX. It enables the audio as per user consent.

For walkthrough and launch, please contact our team on or visit our website

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