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Why Playstream Ads prefers transacting with DV360(Google’s Display & Video 360) for its campaigns from Brands?

DV360 has always been preferred due to multiple reasons over Managed Creatives Campaigns. Here are some:

  1. Trust & Transparency: Partner Brands get transparent data around the campaign with multiple metrics & dimensions. 
  1. Plug & Play multiple Campaigns/Sources: When a Brand works with Playstream, it is able to connect with multiple sources of Inventory, such as:
    1. OTT’s like Zee 5, Voot, MX Player, Hotstar and Gaana
    2. Premium News & Finance Publishers
    3. Vernacular Publishers from more than 20+ languages
    4. Live TV Ad Support
    5. Get your own data/affinity
  1. Get Your Own Data: Brands while transacting through DV360 can use their own Audience data while buying inventory on Playstream. 

“This helps them in getting targeted inventory at lesser rates + The ease of getting access to 300+ Sites & Apps”

  1. Measurability & Viewability: With DV360, Brands cannot go wrong with their spends not being adequately consumed as the Campaigns expected viewability can be fed before-hand for Campaign AI

Private Auctions via DV360

For agencies adopting DV360 as a Media Buying Platform can simply start accepting Playstream Inventory across Display & Video via the Private Auction Mechanism. This shall help to:

  1. Get First Look Video & Display inventory for all your advertising campaigns on DV360 with Playstream 
  2. Setup a negotiated deal and buy as per buyer targeting

To get started with Buying Inventory, please reach out to or your Account Manager at Adsolut Media.

Happy Campaigning!

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