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Getting Into the Indian CTV & OTT Scenario with Playstream.

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Posted By Aksh Chhetija

Indian CTV & OTT partners are receiving all the buzz recently in the Digital Video ecosystem. Thanks to the recent Media Buying & Data transitions, buyers are now more open to explore newer avenues.

With the consolidation of Programmatic partners recently and going IPO, marketers are now more confident in spending their advertising dollars to achieve Brand Growth. 

Some of the key factors that enabled the exponential growth in my opinion:

  • Video Technology: This goes a big way in forming the Video Growth Story in India. Technology has now become easily available and FLEXIBLE for all tiers of Content Creators

  • Better Availability of Data

  • Multiple Models of Content Distribution: With many models coming into India (Some taken from Overseas, some completely new) Content Creators are now looking at distributing content to multiple channels & Digital Partners by means of Revenue-Share, Upfront costs, AVOD, SVOD & the likes. The above has surely gained the eyes of the audience and led to a good 2 hour time spent daily on Video Consumption

  • More than ever Content is now available for the audience:This has largely benefited the audience and has led to a habit creation 

  • The emergence of Connected TV for the Real Bharat: Contributors- Amazon Firestick, Chromecast, MI, and readily available Android on new television sets

  • Variation in Content: Availability of all sorts of Content – Be it Short Form, User Generated Content, Short Films, Web-Series to Movie Premieres. All of these contribute to the OTT & Connected TV Growth here in India

Playstream’s activity in this ecosystem:

Playstream, a venture by Adsolut Media in the evergrowing Video landscape has built a Video Marketplace with offerings for both ends of the chain.

For OTT’s & Connected TV:

  • Playstream is now a proven partner for publishers across India to measure, optimize and get a better yield for their ad inventory. Find the Case Study here
  • Adoption of newer technologies in ad serving: Our team has always been a fan of newer technology and how its adoption can help our partners to make better use of the Marketplace. This has also helped us win the trust of many OTT’s & Connected TV Publishers across the Country.
  • High-Density Demand: By integrating Playstream marketplace to major exchanges & agencies, we have managed to build a heavy density Demand stack that has helped Publishers in getting more dollars from their ad inventory.

For Marketers:

  • Unified Marketplace:Availability of Major Indian OTT’s from Sports, Entertainment to Music and Short Form Content & even regional language players. Playstream is partnered directly with these players offering a Unified Marketplace for Buyers. This means:
    • Ease In Buying
    • One-Rate for all 
    • Smoother Campaign Management
  • Multiple Integration Types:
    • Insertion Order 
    • Programmatic Deals (Playstream is available on major SSP’s & Ad Exchanges)
    • Open Auction
  • Data-Driven Advertising:
    • Marketers can get their Own Data and Connect to Playstream Marketplace while serving campaigns to their targeted OTT’s & audience.

By adopting Playstream for Video Monetization & Ad Operations, publishers and advertisers have seen great results. 

 In order to get access to this, you can reach out to your Account Manager or email us at

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