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The Ad Server Difference: Comparing Traditional Ad Waterfall Vs Playstream for Publishers

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Posted By Aksh Chhetija

The Ad Server Difference goes a long way. With new buying mechanisms coming into play, the adtech ecosystem is becoming more complex and effective at the same time.

Since Buyers are openly accepting new technologies for their marketing spends, why are Publishers hesitating to adopt better technology?

  • Campaigns & tags serve in a standard environment with the traditional ad server difference
  • Ad Exchanges & Price Priority tags that are giving better CPM & Ad Revenues are not prioritized.
  • Timeout/Latency caused when having many partners

The Playstream Difference for Publishers


  • Artificial Intelligence:
    • Ad Requests are simultaneously sent to all partners. Based upon AI & ML, the demand sources that have a historically better success rate is prioritized proving better Ad eCPM per Impression
    • Creating a faster auction scenario hence reducing the loss of revenue caused due to latency or timeout

  • Playstream Marketplace Demand:
    • Publishers get access to 30+ Video DSP’s through Playstream Marketplace Demand
    • Expert Ad Operations team  managing your Video Yield and providing innovative solutions for better monetization
    • Many Proven Case Studies around how Playstream is helping publishers get better ad revenues 

  • Complete Stack Optimization:
    • Demand Sources across Advertisers, agencies, PMP Deals, Network Partners, Exchanges, SSP’s. Your Adops associate at Adsolut will handle the entire setup completely

  • openRTB & Prebid Compatibility
    • Manage your Video Network Partnerships with Playstream Ad Server
    • Competition between Playstream Demand & Publisher Sourced Demand
    • Compatible with major Prebid & oRTB partners

With more than 500+ Publishers that trust Playstream across the world, it’s time for you to re-strategize on how adopting new Video Yield Solution companies can do more for your Inventory!

About Playstream:

Playstream Media, a venture by Adsolut Media  (Est. 2016) in Gujarat, India is currently one of the Biggest Video Channel Partners across the Indian Subcontinent. The Company is working towards creating more opportunities on how Video can be yield-focused in a more efficient manner for Content Creators. 

Some of the Biggest Publishers have adopted Playstream.
For inquiries, please contact us via:


Direct Line: +91 022-49745533

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